Sample Law Coursework Paper on Business Law

Question 1

As the semester ends, the most important thing I have learned is the law that governs the relationship between the government and individuals in the society. Also referred to as public law, it entails regulations governing taxation, administration, the constitution, and criminal activities (Schaffer et al, 23). These are binding rules that are a direct concern to the public and govern on how a government treats and makes a resolution about the rights and privileges of individuals. The relationship between the government and individuals is often lopsided as the government can make resolutions about individuals, but must also act within set parameters of the law (Schaffer et al, 27). Within the public law, individuals have both rights and privileges. Public law is important as it sets limits, parameters, and boundaries in which individuals and the government relate.

Question 2

 Contract law was the most interesting topic, I learned. The various components, types, and sources of contract law offered great insight on various contracts both in business and in social affairs. The various types of contracts provided an opportunity in understanding the magnitude of any type of contract one may engage in whether as a business or social contract. The knowledge acquired will help me in engaging in a valid and reasonable contracts both in business and in my social affairs. Various aspects and nature of contract law enabled me to understand the nature in which laws can be used or are used to guide business and human relations. Contract law is thus interesting as it offers clear road maps to a successful binding agreement. Since most business deals are about agreements, pledges, and commitments, contract law plays an important and interesting role of binding the parties legally (Locker et al, 36).

Question 3

Law, both public law and private law, play a very important part in the business environment. The relationship between a business, a business owner, customer, the government, third parties such as suppliers, and the public is earmarked clearly in commercial law. It did come as a surprise to me to learn and come to terms with the fact that commercial law protects a business enterprise or business idea. It did surprise me that commercial law plays a very important part in protecting a business from its inception, growth, and as it matures to stability. Additionally, the course offered an insight into the nature of the business environment from a legal perspective away from the economic aspect of trade and business activity. Despite remaining an individual’s idea or group of people, a business entity remains an independent unit that needs legal protection (Locker et al, 72). This protection is best offered through and by set regulations to ensure its success and stability.

Question 4

I am convinced that I did accomplish my goals of achieving my best grade and participation in class. I got the best insights, knowledge, and help from my instructor, a key component of helping me realize my goals. Although we still have a final exam to undertake, I am certain I have acquired a good and comprehensive understanding of business law. Additionally, I have laid down plans and strategies that will help me in my first internship in the job market. Additionally, all the goals and targets I set helped me to give my best in class participation and assignments. My instructor was very helpful in ensuring that I did achieve my goals as well as my set targets.

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