Sample Law Coursework Essay Paper on Case Analysis

Case Analysis

Speedy Sale

Sam is at a crossroad because the business has run out of the color television Bernie is looking for. Morally, it will be wrong to sell a modeling television to the client who is unsuspecting. On the other hand, Sam should disclose to Bernie that the television he demands for should be available in two weeks time. This allows the customer to make a decision based on the urgency and his needs to watch the television programs.

Pizza Puzzle

George should ensure that they build the brand name of their business. This will change customer perception in the long last. Changing the name of their pizzas to that of their competitors will be infringing on the property rights of their substitute’s products. This is because it is morally wrong to use another company’s name in order to increase sales of your products. It may end up damaging the name and quality of the competitor’s products in the market. The acts are immoral and hence the company should be geared and focused on building their own brand name.

Lottery Mania

Jane’s concern about the lottery game that targets the minority groups raises questions of business morality and biasness of the lottery program. This is because of the fact that most of the participants in the minority group end up going without food to participate with hope that they will win the game. Targeting the minority group by increasing sales of lottery by ten percent would amount to increased participation from poor people with the probability of winning remaining the same. It is unethical and immoral because the process will over exploit the poor and hence Jane should advise accordingly so that they can shift the incidence by spreading it to all the groups.