Sample IT & Web Research Paper Summary on Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism

Cyber terrorism is one of the greatest threats to the use of internet in the present times. Even though there are no laws that include cyber terrorism explicitly as a form of terrorism, the impacts of the actions are great. Cyber terrorism includes actions committed by people of malicious intentions with the objectives of gaining unauthorized access to personal and corporate computers. Through cyber terrorism, criminals gain access to personal information such as credit card access codes which they use to hurt their victims. Cyber crime is also used to spy on intelligence information. This information can then be used to hurt the victims in various ways such as through blackmail.

Even though the American Law does not have specific regulations for handling cyber crime, the law is impartial in the punishment of cyber crime (Parker 27-31). It is necessary to put in place laws that define actions that are to be included in cyber crime and to specify the punitive measures for breaking such laws. This is because cyber terrorism has hurt so many people in the past. Hacking of customer accounts in banks and use of information technologies to commit other criminal acts can all be defined as cyber terrorism (Gori 77-80).

While the criminals that commit cyber terrorism are enriched, the most affected victims are business people. This is because the nature of their lives may not give them the opportunity to report crimes such as fraud. As such, they tend to lose more to criminals. Although there are laws that protect customer accounts from fraud by the banks, the customers cannot be sufficiently protected from the plans of cyber criminals (Gustin 29-30). This is because cyber terrorists, particularly those who hack accounts spend much time to gain access to personal information from the customers which they then use to hack personal accounts. Fraud can be prevented in the use of credit cards through collaboration between banks and the customers such as confirmation of account withdrawals before proceeding. Various ways can be used to prevent fraud in the banking sector. Online banking is one of the approaches through which fraud has been prevented as many people do not have to use cash or walk with credit cards.

In the recent years, the reports concerning fraud via cyber crime have increased significantly. However, many of the victims have also reported that their banks were able to effectively track down the criminals and subsequently to help the victims. In 2012, more than $ 10 million were lost through fraud in the United States alone. Many people have lost their lifetime savings to cyber terrorists as many criminals use pharming as a way to lure victims into financial losses. Although there are no distinct laws to prevent cyber terrorism, the unfortunate cyber terrorists in America have been arrested and punished for their crimes.

The cyber terrorists are way ahead of technology and are capable of implementing their plans without being caught. On the other hand, the law enforcement authorities are unaware of the trends in cyber crime as they are unaware of the technological advancements in this area. Because of this, they tend to require confirmatory evidence to show that the crimes have actually been committed. This gives the criminals sufficient space to plan and execute their plans effectively. It is thus important for the law enforcement agencies to consider where susceptibility lies in order to win the war against cyber terrorism. This is crucial since cyber terrorism is feared as much as other forms of terrorism are.

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