Sample IT-Web Paper on Ecosystem analysis

Ecosystem analysis


Goal – Zoom provides frictionless video communication environment in order to encourage professional interaction (Zoom, 2021).

Industry- online video technology industry (Zoom, 2021)

Product; meetings (Zoom, 2021)

Information technology

  • Offer processing- In order to use zoom, you must first create an account. Management believes that customers should be required to set up personal accounts with the sales team in order to pay for purchases. In addition, if customers have an active subscription, they can send purchase orders to sales representatives, who will update their accounts (Zoom, 2021).
  • Product scheduling – Zoom promises its customers that they will be able to schedule meetings using any of the methods available on its platform. As the meeting or conference’s host, you always have final say over when and where meetings will take place. The administrator, on behalf of the organization, then restricts the scheduled meeting to only those who need to attend.
  • Product handling- Users and administrators can configure their phones’ settings to control how calls are routed at specific times.
  • Product promotion- The company levels its sales force to encourage professional development. Brands are encouraged to interact with members of the organization via social media (Zoom, 2021)


  • Product shipping- The ability of the organization’s users to communicate with one another via chat, video, and audio is critical to the growth of commercial activity on the market. Access to high-quality items provided to clients in the form of images or short video clips is available to business partners (Zoom, 2021).
  • Product promotion – The companies offers items that are of excellent quality with ease of use to ensure that it has the capacity to serve the particular needs of its clients. The convenience of use and quality has made a good number of folks to have full trust in the products being given by the firm. Zoom in on the year 2021 (Zoom).
  • The organization’s products are available via virtual backdrops, android app, Outlook plugin, browser extensions, Zoom Rooms Controller, Zoom Rooms Client, and Meetings Client, among others (Zoom, 2021)

Logistics and transport

  • Zoom video communications considers logistics and transport when determining the efficiency with which the organization can deliver its products.
  • The supply of the organization’s products does not rely on physical transportation but on awareness and spread of the information technology infrastructure ((Singh & Awasthi, 2020).
  • While physical transportation isn’t required to reach huge audiences, management and tactics are used to optimize operational costs, service quality, and delivery speed. People throughout the world can utilize Zoom’s services thanks to a global system (Zoom, 2021).

Finance and banking

  • Licensing agreements entitle the organization to a loyalty fee. As a result, they’ve taken into account the relevance of banking and finance in their operations.
  • The organization’s funds are being handled properly so that it can operate with honesty and efficiency.
  • The organization’s financial habits are remarkable examples of integrity. Because the bank is both the investor and supervisor, Zoom often shifts some of the project management risk to the bank (Zoom, 2021).

Digital entertainment

  • Virtual backgrounds- The virtual backgrounds are utilized in showing virtual reality to its customers.
  • Zoom video webinars – the webinars support presentations that are video interactive (Zoom, 2021).

Social networking

  • The social networking is enabling the company a better means to advertise its offerings. The major purpose of the marketing team is to develop preference for Zoom’s brand to leverage the viral growth as well as increase the brand perception in the organization’s market.
  • The company has evaluated online method against the usual in-person strategy that was adopted before the outbreak. The program allows anyone to monetize, host and arrange online events that users more so the ones in the e-commerce platforms can benefit from significantly (Zoom, 2021).
  • The innovative technology being deployed by the business ensures greater performance, scalability, dependability and best in class operations. The technique is developed to address the complex communications components. The infrastructure separates video material processing from the conventional mixing of streams and transit (Zoom, 2021). (Zoom, 2021).

Relationships between industries

Internal and external customers benefit from a shared sense of purpose and identity fostered through cross-industry collaboration. Zoom makes optimal use of resources, thus there are no wastes. In addition, the partnership is fostering a more harmonious atmosphere, which could lead to fewer disagreements, grievances, and even unrest (Zoom, 2021).

  Information technology

The corporate environment is changing in respect to information technology, and the company has acknowledged this. As a result, the business is on a mission to expand and improve in order to better serve its customers. The company has made a concerted effort to broaden its product offerings (Zoom, 2021).

Finance and banking

As a result of the company’s increased revenue during the epidemic, the organization has not sought out financial facilities. A rise in revenue has allowed the company to effectively meet all of its consumers’ demands (Zoom, 2021).


Zoom relies on other telecommunications providers to ensure that their services are accessible to as many people as possible. The company is devoted to making sure that their customers get the most out of their products and services. In order to ensure that the platform meets the e-commerce relevance in its field of operation, negotiations are ongoing with additional telecom providers (Singh & Awasthi, 2020).

Transport and logistics

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the two most important vendors for the company. In order to meet the needs of the customers, Zoom works closely with the vendors of their software and infrastructure. At the international and domestic levels, they both supply the necessary materials (Zoom, 2021).




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