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Homework Question on M-commerce and its Effects on Consumer Behaviors

  1. Write an Essay On M-commerce(mobile commerce) which means “the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via wireless technology” and how this new generation of E-commerce changes people’s consumptive habit, the market, companies’ strategy and social network.etc.

Homework Answer on M-commerce and its Effects on Consumer Behaviors

Mobile commerce involves the process of conducting wireless commerce transactions through mobile devices, such as a phone. M-commerce is a new concept that has been gaining momentum overtime, as many consumers adopt its applications in their various business transactions. M-commerce services are essential in organizations and consumers as well. This is because the technology allows unison, ubiquitous, and universal access to services as well as information.

Additionally, m-commerce increases the possibility for personalized and unique information exchange. The m-commerce arena has been evolving at a speedy rate over the years, when considered from both a technological and strategic perspective. Moreover, the wireless infrastructure has been making the diverse m-commerce applications increasingly possible. In today’s markets, m-commerce is considered a highly effective way of delivering e-commerce to consumers without being limited by location or time.

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Modern companies are also currently providing m-commerce options to their customers as a way of generating the various benefits affiliated to the new technology, thereby complementing their already existing e-commerce services. This study aimed at demonstrating how m-commerce has been transforming the modern consumer habits in their purchase patterns. In order to satisfy this purpose, the research focused on five research questions.