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Homework Question on Information System

  • What is an Information System? To answer this question adequately you must answer the following sub-questions:
  1. What are the components of an Information System?
  2. Which component do you think is the most important? Why?
  3. What is the difference between data and information?
  4. Does good quality information equate to good business decisions? Why/Why not?

Homework Answer on Information System

An information system denotes a combination of software, hardware, and skilled staff that are ordered to enhance planning, management, control, decision-making, and systematization and analysis of data in an organization. Though information systems could vary in the manner in which they are employed in a business, they usually contain five components that include hardware, software, people, databases, network, and procedures.

Computer-anchored information systems employ hardware that encompasses monitors, keyboards, and central processing unit to mention a few. Software represents the programs utilized in the hardware to carry out data control, processing, and analysis. People represent the individuals that operate the systems to achieve their intended purpose. Databases represent a compilation of ordered data arranged in a manner that records or a set of files may be retrieved with the aim of satisfying different conditions.

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Network denotes a means of linking dissimilar constituents, particularly when many diverse individuals employ a given information system. Finally, procedures illustrate the manner in which detailed data are worked on and analyzed with the purpose of finding the resolutions behind the designing of the information system (Bharadwaj et al. 471-482).