Sample IT & Web Essay Summary on Using Virtualization

Using Virtualization

Server virtualization refers to the technology that is used to partition a physical server into several virtual partitions. In this way, a software application is used to create several virtual servers which are run using a single application and operating system. The servers perform in the same way an individual server would. The technology allows automatic computing to take place by virtualizing networks, workload management and storage virtualization. There are several features associated with server virtualization. One of the key features is that it enables the partitioning of a single physical server into many virtual servers. In this way, many virtual servers operate using a single physical server. Secondly, the virtual servers allow encapsulation to take place (Liebowitz and Fontana 19). This involves storage of information in file formats. Hardware independence is another key feature of server virtualization.

Server virtualization comes with a number of key benefits. The first and greatest benefit is the reduction in the number of physical servers in use. Through consolidation of many virtual servers, the number of physical servers is greatly reduced. Isolation and partitioning allows for simpler and safer server consolidation. This results in reduced power consumption, reduced consumption of air conditioning costs as well as space consumption. As such, server virtualization results in reduced Total Cost of ownership through reduction in the various expenses associated with operating physical servers such as power costs, maintenance and hardware costs. This also results in improved efficiency of operations (Muller et al 81). In addition to this, the virtual servers created within a single physical server are also capable of live migration. This refers to the process during which the servers are moved from one physical server to another. This is unlike physical servers.


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