Sample IT Papers On Exploring Personalization and Customization

Homework Question on Exploring personalization and customization

  • Visit the following websites to explore how each website integrates and offers personalization and customization for website visitors: Amazon, Netflix, My Yahoo!, and eBay.
  1. List details about the process for personalizing and/or customizing the website content for your interests.
  2. Do you need to create an account?
  3. Do you have the ability to select website content that interests you?
  4. Do a search on the website for relevant product or content. Visit the home page.
  5. Did your homepage content change after your search? If so, how?
  • Write a brief essay about the above named trend

Homework Answer on Exploring personalization and customization

Personalization and customization are both forms of marketing, where the company tries to make one or more aspects of the company‘s website to be more towards the customer’s needs.Personalization is when the enterprise decides to show the client information based on the date collected previously from the browsing trends of a particular client; a good example is’s, where the website uses a filtering mechanism to determine what they can recommend to the customer.

In, the website can remember the user and uses their recent trends to generate the relevant links on the internet site as the client explores the content. This works very well if the user has an account on the website. If he or she goes back to the home page, the content on the homepage is somehow related to information the user has been browsing on the site (Cliff, 1999).

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Customization is when the client chooses one or more elements on the site depending on what they are looking for. Here the site gives the customer the ability to choose what he wants depending on various factors like prices and date of posting.  A Computer selling site like HP and Dell, customers, can specify the make and also the cost of the computer he or she wants. This way the client can get exactly what they want with ease (Cliff, 1999).