Sample IT Homework Paper on Database


  1.   Database is a collection of information that is in a given order so that a computer can identify and process it. Examples of database articles are academic search complete, BIOSIS citation index, and Google scholar. Apart from database articles, there are database papers such as Palmerston, Mountbatter, and Wellington paper database.
  2. Databases come from different companies. These include Microsoft office 365 from Microsoft, and infosphere stream from IBM as examples. The other types of database in the use today are Massively Parallel Processing, Column-oriented database, Key-value storage, and Streaming processing.
  3.  The development of the database has been on the rise to enable the satisfaction of the users. Today, the most recent database includes semantic and search. Semantic is one of the reliable databases as it is able to work well with the existing relational databases that have been there before. Semantic also having commendable integration speed. This way, they make work so fast and can handle large data at ago.
  4. Databases are massively utilized with the Internet to handle data. Today, the Internet is in high growth with the aim to have applications that are more efficient. Because of this, it forces an upgrade of databases to meet the requirement. For example, relational database can only handle a few applications due to its limited way of handling data. Therefore, there is high need to get a better database that matches the development of the internet.
  5.  From the research, semantic database with time is likely to replace the current relational database. This is because of its way of handling many types of data at ago and its speed, which is high as compared to the current relational database.