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Homework Question on Using Virtualization

  1. Technicians often have to work with multiple operating systems, but are sometimes limited to a single workstation.
  2. Provide information on the virtualization software available, and explain how it can be used to run multiple operating systems on a single machine for support purposes.
  3. Write an essay on the Using Virtualization topic.

Homework Answer on Using Virtualization

Server virtualization is a form of technology in which a single physical server is partitioned into several servers in a virtual sense, as opposed to a physical one, using a software application. The multiple virtual servers so created can run on an individual applications and operating system. In addition, they perform in the same way that an individual server would (Lowe and Marshal 13).  In this way, technicians can execute several activities using multiple operating systems, even as they are limited to one workstation.

Server virtualization represents a growing trend in the information technology (IT) industry towards autonomic computing. By enhancing network virtualization, storage virtualization, and workload management, it is hoped that the ensuing server environment shall be self managing, on the basis of perceived activity.

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Server Virtualization Features

One of the features of virtualization software is the ability to partition a physical server into multiple servers. The various virtual servers so partitioned operate using a single physical server simultaneously. In addition, the virtualization software is able to isolate all the virtual servers operating on a single physical server, in effect ensuring that they do not conflict. The virtualization software also posses encapsulation features (Liebowitz and Fontana 19). This is the ability to save all the information contained in virtual servers in file format.