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Homework Question on Internet Neutrality

  1. Currently, there are questions over whether it is permissible for ISP’s (major U.S. providers include Comcast, Verizon and AT & T) to control aspects of speed and delivery of content on their networks to their subscribers.
  2. Many subscribers and sites have complained about these practices, asserting that the ISPs should handle all content the same. What organization or governmental entity should handle this? How should it be resolved?

Homework Answer on Internet Neutrality

Internet service providers provide different subscription packages to their clients. These packages have different internet speeds and access to certain sites and content. This effectively controls how the subscriber uses the internet. This elicits mixed reactions with certain people arguing that all subscribers should have the same access to the internet in terms of speed and content access. The government should control access to the internet through federal communications commission. However, there is currently no law in the United States that prohibits internet service providers from restricting content access and internet speed.

Service providers argue that subscribers who download and use the internet more should pay more than average users. They provide access to more content and a higher speed to these subscribers. They argue that the more people have access to certain content at a certain speed the slower the internet due to congestion. This affects quality of the service provided. To prevent such cases, the government should allow the service providers to dictate the terms of service to their clients.

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The only thing the government should do is provide a benchmark on the speed and content that every subscriber regardless of the package should have access to. The other option would be to allow service providers to increase internet charges. This would allow them to improve the quality of their internet service to cope with high traffic reducing congestion. This would allow all subscribers to have access to all content at the same speed. However, this would affect subscribers who subscribe to basic packages because they do not need high speed and access to unlimited content.