Sample IT Essays On E-Business and E-Commerce

Homework Question on E-Business and E-Commerce

1.You have just assumed a senior management position at ServCis, LLC, a mid-sized Wisconsin-based company that manufactures and sells goods mostly to businesses. One of the reasons the company hired you is to help them expand their e-Commerce business because of your knowledge and experience in this area. In the most recent past, the company had attempted to embrace e-Business and e-Commerce, however it did not have much success doing that. One Major reason for the failure in this area was because no one in the company at the senior level was familiar with, or had any experience in e-Business or e-Commerce. The first are in e-Business and e-Commerce that you have been tasked to work on is procurement.

  1. Discuss your planned strategy in e-procurement in terms of the goals to be accomplished, and how these goals can be accomplished.
  2. Outline the reason why the senior management committee should approve the plan you discussed above, i.e. operating as an e-Business

2.SysDev, Inc., a major system integration and migration company located in Arlington, Virginia is planning to develop an outsourcing strategy, which will be turned into a formal company policy for outsourcing within the U.S. The senior manager in charge of this process has asked you to prepare the documentation she will be using at the upcoming Policy Committee meeting.

  1. Briefly discuss, in favor of the company, the effects that outsourcing work/jobs to other companies within the U.S. may have on any four (4) of the company’s business process areas.
  2. Briefly discuss the risk and hidden costs associated with outsourcing for SysDev, Inc.

Homework Answer on E-Business and E-Commerce

1.E-commerce systems are online systems that rely on web services and the integration of other web applications to sell consumer goods via the internet. This form of business comes in various models, depending on the target market. E-commerce systems on the other hand, do not work in isolation, rather they are integrated with other secure systems like online payments systems that run on E-business to enable customers to make payments (“To fight fraud, credit card companies push more secure technology”, 2014).

While E-commerce does not work in isolation, it depends on other systems such as an e-procurement system, an ICT enabled system that facilitates the procurement process, compared to a conventional paperwork method. It is a system that is mostly used to handle various instances of ordering and shipment where it gives a client ability to order for goods online. The strategy in terms of goals of this system will be to:

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  1. Reduce the time it takes from when payment is made by a customer to the time goods are ready for shipment.
  2. Increase supply performance in terms of registration and approval of products for shipment.
  3. Improve business – customer relationships