Sample IT Essays On Customer Relationship Management

Homework Question on Customer Relationship Management

  1.  How can an organization leverage a CRM system to improve their relationship with customers (5 marks).
  2.  Map the following scenario using an ER-Diagram: In doing so you will only need to include: entities, relationships, and cardinalities. Detail any assumptions that you make (5 marks).
  • Scenario: Many employees work on a project, but only one employee manages a project. An employee can manage more than one project. A project is completed for a customer

Homework Answer on Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is the most important marketing aspect in many organizations that helps retain customers. Consistence selling and buying ensures that business progresses in the right direction. Focusing on the customers helps ascertain what they need hence able to satisfy their needs. There are a number of measure an organization can adopt to leverage customer relationship management system.

First, involve customers in making crucial decision such as coming up with a brand name for a product. Second, ensure that all the issues customers express are addressed on real time basis. Having an effective information system is paramount in the sense that it allows real time communication between organization, employee and its customers as well as the suppliers.

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Lastly, there is need to provide suppliers with necessary equipment and knowledge to be used in the delivery process for goods and services to the customer’s doorstep. This may be in form of advice or system improvement. Empowering the suppliers has an advantage of acquiring feedback from customers.