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Homework Question on Corporate Systems

  1. Choose a social media platform
  2. Discuss the social media platform in terms of the social and non-social impact that it has had.

Homework Answer on Corporate Systems

The inception of online technology has led to the creation and development of a myriad of online platforms. Twitter is a popular social platform in the world today, and there is no doubt that it has social and non-social impacts.In line with its social impacts, Twitter plays an integral role in the provision of information to the public, particularly its users; it enhances social connection, and it also provides a sense of identity or purpose of the user to network effect (Kwak et al 27).

In fact, the number of online interactions and connections has increased significantly with more people embracing Twitter as an online social platform. Moreover, still on the social impacts, through learning Twitter’s interface, users become integrated socially. It is notable that more time and effort that could be spent elsewhere is dedicated to Twitter by its users.

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Conversely, Twitter has several non-social impacts on individuals, organizations, and society. First, positively for users, Twitter provides entertainment, and most of its users have fun while using it, it allows users to interact and social therefore building friendships, for instance users in same field may exchange and borrow ideas. On the other hand twitter users have the bad effects on the user such as addiction, where a user can spend valuable time in socialising rather than concentrating on constructive activities.