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Homework Question on Computer Security

  • For many attacks, the exploited vulnerability was known and protections were available before the attack took place. The attacks were successful because people had not applied the protections.
  1. Discuss why people might have failed to apply protections. Is it possible to design a program that would detect a rootkit? Why or Why not?

Homework Answer on Computer Security

There are various reasons why people might be failing to apply protections on their information. First, many nations lack comprehensive privacy laws that address either collection or use of information. In this case, people have failed to employ self- regulatory mechanisms for dealing with confidentiality and information protection concerns. For instance, in business, consumers disclose valuable information to businesses because they enjoy the advantages of the free flow of information, while they do not understand the underlying mechanism, which allows it to happen.

People have come to depend on customized goods and services, which require high-tech information collection, such as fast access to credit, checking credit and bank account balances. The convenience they depend on is mainly as a result of the simplicity with which business can get, share as well as transfer information. The movement of information has become easier due to computerized interactions amongst businesses.

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Such information sometimes becomes exposed to unauthorized parties without the owner’s consent. On the other hand, the internet growth has added other dimensions towards the distribution of information, which have created negative consequences. This technological advancement have made it easy to access information, whereby internet companies collect and disseminate personal information from and about people who visit their websites without their knowledge (Guttman 45).