Sample IT and Web Report Summary on Facebook “Likes” in Real World Stores

Facebook “Likes” in Real World Stores

Social media offers an opportunity for businesses wishing to stay both online and offline. This is to enhance business effectiveness. One key aspect associated with social media and particularly Facebook is the Likes feature. This feature is currently being used by C&A, a Brazilian fashion house, to evaluate the popularity of various fashion items. The likes on an item on their Facebook page are tallied and compared with the real time likes in the store. A comparison can then be made to determine which items are the most popular. According to a study carried out by Fox- Davis (2012), Facebook has the potential of raising sales since customers are more likely to purchase what they already like on Facebook. Additionally, customers who are on Facebook are also the greatest buyers.

The Facebook fan page allows interactions between the customers and the retailers. This means that retailers can receive criticism from customers as well as recommendations for future changes. The customers can give comments about their preferences and also make orders and pay online only when the necessary information is provided. Apart from these, a retailer may introduce new arrivals to the target market. Advertisements placed on social media also help businesses to improve sales.

For example, retailers can recognize the target markets and the advertisement techniques that work for each of the target market. By understanding the target markets, the retailers can then use compelling product ads on their Facebook pages to the benefits of the targeted customers. In addition to this, the fact that customers can join Facebook groups with shared interests ensures maximum exposure of advertised products. By creating groups, retailers can position groups to stand out in the social media so as to access more customers.

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