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International Relations

The relationships that exist between nations and/ or states are referred to as International Relations. The nations or states that are in relations have to maintain their sense of sovereignty, rule of law, independence and governance. In the recent years however, international relations have been facing certain problems such as shifting labor force and mismatching qualifications and skills. The mismatch of skills can lead to the formation of a generation of the work force which is characterized by the underutilization of skills.

The present underutilization of skills is bound to result in future shortage of skills among employees. This is one of the major challenges facing international relations in the present times. Economic uncertainty is cited as the basis for this major challenge in international relations. To address the challenge, employers in contemporary times try to match skills and job requirements to ensure that all the employees fit within their capabilities.

The mismatch in skills is cited by employees as one of the reasons why organizations lack organizational talent. This has in turn affected the CSR capabilities of organization as the inability to match skills and talents leads to reduced effectiveness. Another effect that has been caused by the lack of talent in organizations is the reduction of economic growth in organizations. The fear that countries that currently lack strength in economic performance may one day possess market power leads to fear among nations and organizations (Ernst and Young 9). World recession also increases the negative impacts of mismatched skills on the international relations. Modernization, globalization and urbanization have also functioned to increase the gap between the youths and the aged. This has efficiently led to the need for innovations that serve the global market rather than the local market (MPG 4).


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