Sample International Relations Research Paper Summary on ISIS and its Impacts on the Middle East

ISIS and its Impacts on the Middle East

In 2011, major changes occurred in the Middle East social system. The youths and women as well as other minority groups began to realize their rights as well as to realize the need for changes in the system. The changes were triggered by the burning of none person in Tunisia as a form of protest. This triggered a wave of reactions throughout the Arab world, with youths striving towards freedom, economic growth and avoidance of oppression.

The changes also occurred together with the inception and growth of ISIS across the Arab world, and particularly in Syria and Iraq. The ISIS leader and the followers have the support of the Sunni Muslims who have felt sidelined since the death of Saddam Hussein. As such, they offer sympathy to ISIS members. This fact has made ISIS the most feared terror group across the Arab world especially in Iraq. The impacts of ISIS on Iraq can only be linked to failed foreign policy in the US. In addition to this, the growth and activity of ISIS have also reduced the popularity of Al-Qaeda in the two countries especially due to the behaviors of the leaders of the two countries.

The operations of ISIS are linked to the availability of funds from various sources. While ISIS initially operated like a gang extorting money from people, this has since changed as the organization has managed to take control of various areas of governance. For instance, ISIS gets revenue from the oil fields of Syria which it captured, and from which the organization obtains oil to sell to the Syrian government (The Guardian). In addition to this, it is claimed that wealthy business people also help the organization. ISIS operates like a fully organized government, paying a military service, administrative functions and subsidizing the prices of basic products in areas in which it has taken control. As such, the victims over whom ISIS has control receive incentives such as high quality public services which prevent them from talking against ISIS.

The impacts of ISIS on the region are potentially great. For instance, since ISIS is common in Syria and is highly capable financially, it has gained recognition in the country. The governance and public services provided by ISIS brings out the image of an organized group that is capable of taking care of its people. As such, its popularity is bound to increase. In addition to this, the ideologies, as well as principles applied by ISIS are also acceptable within the region. Despite the negative impacts of ISIS in the region through its initiation of wars, it is still clear that the support of the Sunnis has done a lot to consolidate the faction.

ISIS has also infiltrated Iraq immensely and is bound to bring more unexpected changes to the country and to the Middle East region. This has brought great losses to both Syria and Iraq as the countries have to employ greater finances in catering for the needs of the national militia rather than letting them join ISIS. The problems posed by ISIS can be solved by the countries in various ways. The military procedures used by the US are deemed incapable of solving the problems that create ISIS. Instead, it is recommended that the ISIS challenge should be solved at a local level to prevent its escalation (Daniel). This can be achieved if both Iraq and Syria accept the help extended by the American government (Ramzi).


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