Sample International Relations Paper On Poverty in Africa

Homework Question on Poverty in Africa

  1. Essay is about poverty in Africa in general, please don’t forget to provide sources that related to the topic and make sure to use easy words. Thank you
  2. Talk about the most highest poverty country and lowest in Africa and why Africa is considered one of the poorest continent in the world.

Homework Answer on Poverty in Africa

Africa has always been associated with the lack of enough basic needs for its residents. This factor, among many others, associates the continent with poverty. African countries are observed to have less economic growth rates (White, Killick & Kayizzi-Mugerwa, 3). The GDP of many African countries has been observed to be at most US $ 52000 per annum. For instance, the Democratic Republic of Congo, which happens to be the second largest country in Africa, was ranked as the poorest nation in terms of purchasing power in the globe.

She had a GDP per capita of US $394.25 by the financial year 2012/2013(White, Killick & Kayizzi-Mugerwa, 8). On the other hand, Equatorial Guinea was ranked as the African country with the largest per capita GDP of US$36600 as at 2010(White, Killick & Kayizzi-Mugerwa, 18). Some of the richest countries in Africa are Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Gabon. Their high GDP is dictated by their industrialized economies, as well as the availability of natural, man-made, and human resources.

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Africa is termed as being poor due to a number of reasons. These factors are also responsible for the lack of basic needs for Africans (Das, 12). First, Africa has vast lands that would be used for agriculture and other economic activities. However, the misuse and mismanagement of these pieces of land render the continent poor. In addition, the outbreak of deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Ebola has been responsible for high degrees of poverty.