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Homework Question on Hillary Clinton

  1. Please choose an article, relating to politics or international relations, and provide a synthesis, articles should be chosen from the international newyork times (online) ( ,
  2. Please provide the name of author in the text and include atleast 1 quote, also make the title of the paper , the name of the article that you choose

Homework Answer on Hillary Clinton

Shear, Michael. State Department Releases More of Hillary Clinton’s Emails. International New York Times. 2015, September 30.Online Resource. Retrieved from

The article discusses the release of another batch of emails sent by the 67th US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton (Shear). By the time the email issue and article were released, Clinton had already declared her interest in becoming the president of the United States of America. She is a front-runner for the presidency in the Democratic Party. Clinton had started the campaign well, and was ahead of most of her challengers prior to the email disaster.

The article by Shear talks about the recently released batch of these emails. The state department was releasing them under a court order and the release occurred every week. Clinton is accused of using her private email while carrying out state functions. The release of these emails only harmed Clinton’s campaign more since they revealed more about the things that were discussed and with which offices and people (Shear).

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Shear states that the emails mainly contained issues related to planning and logistics, two sensitive issues that are not supposed to be kept private by a government official. Shear’s article is just among the many articles that have been written discussing the emails that contained Clinton’s response to events such the civil unrest witnessed in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia (Shear).