Sample International Relations Essays On Saudi Arabia and the United Nations

Homework Question on Saudi Arabia and the United Nations

  • To what extent was the Saudi decision to refuse the (temporary) UN Security Council seat the correct one?  In other words, this paper asks you to formulate your opinion on the value of the United Nations in managing the global and regional challenges faced by Saudi Arabia.
  • In answering these questions, touch on issues of legitimacy (soft power, working through intergovernmental organizations rather than acting unilaterally) and efficiency (the ability to realize your foreign policy goals) and the key foreign policy challenges facing the Saudi government.
  • Remember that a good essay defines concepts and provides concrete examples.  With regard to writing an essay, make sure to divide your work into an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
  1. In the introduction, state your central argument and the arguments you will put forward.
  2. In the body, touch on each of the questions and provide your arguments and examples. Also include counter-arguments and rebut them based on your earlier stated views. Each question should be answered in a separate paragraph.
  3. In the conclusion, summarize your arguments.· What are the advantages and disadvantages of Saudi membership in the United Nations?
  • What should the Saudi government’s policy towards the United Nations be?
  • Having discussed the role of intergovernmental organizations (IGO’s) in world politics, you will write an essay on Saudi Arabia and the United Nations.
  • To what extent Saudi Arabia should and can realize its foreign policy goals through the United Nations will be the main question you address.

Homework Answer on Saudi Arabia and the United Nations

Intergovernmental Organizations are comprised of republic states. They are responsible for formulation of global policies. United Nations was established in 1945 to take up the role of League of Nations, which had collapsed. Its main agenda was to ensure international coexistence and prevent another war from occurring. Saudi Arabia was one of the sovereign members of U.N. This article discusses the extent to which Saudi Arabia would accomplish its foreign policy objectives through the United Nations.

Saudi Arabia acted neutrally during the World Wars and was not aligned with any group. Its main objective of the foreign policy was to maintain the country’s security by avoiding its involvement any war. Since it was the largest producer of oil in the world, it had to ensure good international relations with other producers of oil as well as the oil-user nations. Saudi Arabia acted fully in support of the United Nations in order to achieve the objective of international co-operation.

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Saudi Arabia was one of the founding members of United Nations and it played important role of funding its activities through the World Bank.The strong relation with United Nations earned it support in Israel leading to increase in revenue from oil business. Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy aimed at making the state to have the best socioeconomic status around the globe. The United Nations was in support of many of Saudi Arabia’s policies such as protection of Islamic.