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Homework Question on Islam Religion

  1. Writer’s choice How do different understandings or definitions of identity and culture on the relationship between “Islam” and “the West”?
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Homework Answer on Islam Religion

Since the effect of postmodernism in the 20th century, several aspects in religion have elicited. The Islam religion has been affected by development of these aspects such the influence of the west specifically the US, Iranian revolution and the war in Afghanistan. Change is a necessity that is developed by socioeconomic structure that is predominant in a certain society. Political aspects of Islam refer to the leadership concepts as depicted in their sacred text and the ideology of electing a successor according to the culture.

The inception of institutions such as the education system, democracy, modern infrastructure, technology advancement and other developments affects the modern political Islam. The United States is a key figure in promoting modernization and westernization around the globe. On the contrary, Islam politics are divergent with the proposed westernization facets. The Muslim world is reacting to the global transformations such the independence of the media, equality and war on terrorism.

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The western culture that allows media freedom irks the Muslim because they believe the media has been used as a tool of spreading negativity.The war in Afghanistan since 2001 is a result of the UN Security Council to dismantle the predominance of al-Qaeda in the Middle and Far East. This interference is perceived to be sabotage by the Islamic political leadership; hence, they encourage retaliation. This aspect is reflected in the Iranian revolution, which led to an overthrow of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi who was a United States favorite.