Sample I.T & Web Essay Summary on Computer Security

Computer Security

Information security is a significantly difficult feat to achieve today. This is because many countries have no well laid down regulations regarding information preservation and protection of privacy. For instance, in businesses today, consumers engage in uncontrolled sharing of valuable information with others. While the consumers take the opportunity to enjoy the free flow of information that comes with the use of various media. The consumers and business owners do not understand the mechanism through which information sharing occurs. This has led to mindless sharing of information without applying self regulatory measures. The dependence on customized goods has also increased reliance on hi- tech information transfer strategies such as the use of credit cards among others. The businesses thus achieve simplicity in information sharing and in transfer of information. The movement of information has also become even easier as a result of the computerized interactions that are prevalent today.

Despite the advantage of the computerized interactions, their risk is undeniable as the information shared can be accessed by both authorized and unauthorized personnel. The use of the internet in information sharing ahs also increased the dimensions available to information sharing. Some of the associated dimensions are negative. The technological advancements hat come with the internet use have also come with ease of information access where companies can access and share personal consumer information. People can visit organizational websites and receive information they need (Guttman 45). Despite the proposal to create and use antivirus programs to protect computers from attack, it is difficult to create and implement a rootkit detecting programs since some of the root kits even attack computers and destroy anti viruses. The access to information is achieved through aspects such as GUI. The increased information accessibility increases accessibility to information by hackers (Metula 23).


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