Sample Humanities Research Paper Summary on Greek Civilization

Greek Civilization

The Greek civilization is considered to be one of the greatest achievements in the history of the world. This is because of the influence of this civilization on western cultures. The Greek civilization occurred through changes in democracy, mathematics, philosophy and science among other things. Culture, theatre and prosperity was conceived by the Greeks and thus become world order. The Greek civilization begun through the Minoan civilization between 1200 and 1400 BC which was caused by the presence of powerful and protective rulers. The civilization is greatly recognized due to its influence on the Western culture.

In addition to this, the civilization is also praised for the achievements that were associated with it. In the wake of the Greek civilization, the Greek scholars outperformed others due to the formulation of mathematics and science theories and rational exploration of various studies. The geographical location of the country further played an important role in the civilization as the Mediterranean Sea became a gateway to the colonization of the surrounding nations. This was due to the availability of national harbors.

The difficulty involved in traveling and communication due to the mountainous terrain led to the development of the polices. Limited interactions existed between city states due to the imposed difficulties. Contrary to myths, the Greeks believed in wisdom and not in gods. They however believed in the existence of a supreme power. One of the key differences between Greek civilization and others is that the Greek civilization enhanced human reasoning by reducing the dependence on gods (Perry, 2013). This is contrary to the Eastern civilization which did not value individual worth.

Apart from this, the Greek civilization allowed political freedom contrary to the Eastern civilization where monarchs ruled entirely. The Greeks also based civilization on trade and exports rather than on history and archaeology (Sasson, 2013). Because of these differences the Greeks developed winning strategies particularly on war. This led to the winning of the Phoenician war.




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