Sample Humanities Global Issues Coursework Paper Summary on Conflict Research Perspectives in Australia

Conflict Research Perspectives in Australia

Families all over the world face parental conflict as one of the most common problems. Many individuals affected by this issue are children. In Australia for instance, the government strives to recognize the importance of having long term experiences related by individuals concerning early marriages. The government is concerned with the impacts of parental conflict on children’s development. There is need to recognize the role of the government in practice and policy making in relation to positive outcomes among children (Parkinson, 2013).

The impacts of parental conflict on children are immense. It has been shown that children who undergo firsthand experience of inter- parental conflicts are at higher risks of problems to their well being. There is also increased likelihood of developing the same behaviors in the future. It is therefore the role of practitioners, policy makers and the entire government to determine solutions to this problem as they are also affected. The socio economic impacts of the problem extend to these people. The effects of parental conflict are varied depending on the nature of the conflict i.e. constructive or destructive (Lucas et al., 2013). The psychology of some children is also affected more than other children.  The related persons such as teachers make recommendations for more research based on the need to help these children. The conflict also affects the parents who become emotionally and socially disturbed. Eventually, their productivity reduces.





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