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Homework Question on Atheistic Existentialism

  1. A teenager in your family has emailed you (knowing you are studying Modern Culture) and asked you to explain Atheistic Existentialism, and whether you believe it to be a useful basic life philosophy. Write him/her back with a clear explanation, state your opinion of it, and give your reasons for that opinion.
  • Organizing Your Essay: Introduce your topic and your main point (thesis) in a first (brief) paragraph, and include a short summary or conclusion.
  • In the middle paragraphs, organize your points logically. (If you are writing on a creative topic, this may not apply.)
  • Formatting: You are graded on using MLA formatting. Owl Purdue has a good, easy-to-use website.
  • On the first page, create a double-spaced heading on the upper left side of the page:

Homework Answer on Atheistic Existentialism


Existentialism is divided into two categories, which are theistic and atheistic existentialism. Theistic existentialism believes that God exists and therefore aims at philosophizing from the point of view of the actor than that of the spectator. Atheistic existentialism on the other hand, denies the existence of God and therefore takes the philosophical view of man’s mere existence. It is therefore termed as secularism, since it denies the existence of supernatural realities; denying “any truth” and relying on a “particular truth” (specific).

It is of the opinion that existence precedes essence and therefore there is no supernatural posture in action. Therefore, life has no meaning and is absurd. Atheistic existentialism has been adopted by many cultures in the modern world, and therefore it is a useful basic life philosophy as it tries to explain man’s existence in a practical view. It deals with logic and not mere assumption, and holds that facts can be used to explain the meaning of life and man’s existence.

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With the belief that no God exists, atheistic existentialism helps one to manage various challenges, including life and death as well as how to take care of personal troubles. The philosophy held by atheistic existentialism holds that a child has no value when it is born, but simply exists. Once in the world and as it grows, value is created when it starts to reason, thus giving a meaning into existence. To a great extent, and arguing from a rational mind, atheistic existentialism is an important basic life philosophy.