Sample Human Sexualities On Artificial Sex Selection

Homework Question on Artificial Sex Selection

Human Sexuality

Text:  Sexuality Today, 11th edition

Author:Gary F. Kelly (2014)


  • Write at least 550 words on the topic listed below:
  1. What are your opinions of being able to choose the sex of your child?
  2. Would you use technology to help you make such a choice?  Why or why not?

Homework Answer on Artificial Sex Selection

This is not about the Darwinian sexual selection; it is about artificial sex selection. Artificial natural selection entails the intervention of human beings to determine the sex of the baby that would be born. This is done through use of medical technology.Sexual selection is a cause of disparity in the population. When one gender is preferred over the other in a population, then the future generations will be dominated by that gender.

This frame of mind can cause social problems. A common example is the preference of boys over girls in cultures like India and a few other Asian countries like China and South Korea (Hesketh et al., 183). This will eventually lead to populations with far less females than males. This scarcity might cause maltreatment of girls; they may be treated as commodities, being sold among people. This goes against their humanity and violates their human rights.

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Children are more than just gifts to us; they are a blessing. As human beings, it should not be our place to decide how we want human beings to be. We should be able to look at human beings not merely as physical bodies but rather as souls. We should accept them wholeheartedly, however they turn out to be. No gender is better than the other; we are all human beings.