Sample Human Services Paper On Empowerment Approach

Homework Question on Strengths Perspective and Empowerment Approach

  • Write a two page essay that compares and contrasts these two frameworks (Strengths perspective and empowerment approach).
  1. Discuss how you might use these ideas in work with clients, and if possible, identify ways these approaches might influence a behavioral of belief change. Some MINDSTRETCHING questions.
  2. How do you distinguish between your own values and those of your client?
  3. How do you tell which to follow? What if the client seems to have no values?
  4. What if the client’s values are in opposition to your own?
  5. How can you prepare yourself to work with people whose backgrounds are very different from your own?
  • Reference textbook: Anderson & Carter, (2003). Diversity Perspectives for Social Work Practice. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon. ISBN-13: 978-0205340651 .

Homework Answer on Strengths Perspective and Empowerment Approach

Empowerment approach and the strength perspective are very crucial in social work practice. Applying and utilizing the two in social work practice enables the social workers to help clients to overcome challenges that they encounter in their day-to-day life. They mainly focus on the client’s abilities and strengths and what the client can achieve rather than focusing on the clients family problems, weaknesses, bad behavior and pathologies.

This paper compares and contrasts the strength perspective and the empowerment approach, demonstrates on how they can be used with clients and how they might influence behavior change.The strength-based perspective applies a number of principles that guide professionals in the field of social work in assisting clients. Weick argues that every individual has an inherent power that may be characterized as life energy, life force, transformational capacity, spirituality, regenerative potential and healing power (1992).

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This attributes are potent forms of knowledge that can help in guiding social and personal transformation of each individual. No matter the challenges and problems, the clients are encountering it needs to be brought to their attention and realization that they are strong, resilient and can overcome the challenges. Clients may not be aware of their inner power but based on the strength perspective social work practitioners make them to realize.