Sample Human Services Paper On Change Strategy and Tactics

Homework Question on Change Strategy and Tactics

  • This is a systematic assessment of a change strategy and tactics, including how multifaceted manifestations of power and privilege impact the manner in which the community identifies itself an seek to create change.
  • Limit to 8 paper and does not include the cover page, reference page, and appendix
  1. What power and authority bring about the change?
  2. Identify and analyze a change effort (past and present – choose Gentrification of Durham, NC) related to social problem/issue in your community.
  3. Describe the people (action group) attempting to bring about the change. Identify the organizations, community, community leaders and other supporters, allies and activists who stand out.
  4. Discuss the goals and objectives for this change effort-how decided and by whom?
  5. Who was/is target for change? What were/are the opposing forces and barriers?
  6. Discuss the goals and objectives for this change effort and how decided by whom?
  7. What points of leverage were/are utilized for the action group? vis a vis the target for change?
  8. What community resources were/are utilized?
  9. What kinds of strategies and tactics utilized by the action group? Were they appropriate?
  10. Assess the success of this change effort. What were/are strengths and weakness? what could be done differently? what lessons learned. (include store are located in surroundings areas invested in the neighborhood (resource) and court, and criminal justice systems, etc.

Homework Answer on Change Strategy and Tactics

Change efforts of the Durham community

The Gentrification of Durham, NC was a renovation plan of the University Apartments by Capstone Companies that was met with a lot of protests from the residents who lived in the apartments (Gray & Miller-Cribbs, 2012). This was upon learning of the company’s plans to increase rents of the apartments by approximately 25 %. The Capstone Companies’ plans included serious renovation and additions in the apartment that management of the companies felt the tenants had to pay to cater for the associated costs (Gray & Miller-Cribbs, 2012).

For example, the companies intended to add a new swimming pool, fire pits and a modern gym among many more to the apartments. Notably, the plans and various endeavors by the Capstone Companies though noble were to introduce some structural changes in the social order and way of life of the Durham, NC community (Gray & Miller-Cribbs, 2012). Per se, any form of change in a society that is likely to change the way people live and survive must be strategic and tactical to accommodate all views and complains from the populace (Gray & Miller-Cribbs, 2012).

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The Durham community reactions

How the populace lives and acts in any viable society are largely influenced by the social-political structures they from which they emanate and associate with (Gray & Miller-Cribbs, 2012). The idea of social justice and equality describes the appropriate ways these social structures and organizations can best be satisfied in a society faced with unlimited human necessities. In some societies, like Durham (NC), the social structures may be exploitative, exclude the populace on the process, and champions for inequitable access to the community’s resources (Gray & Miller-Cribbs, 2012).