Sample Human Services Essays On Racial and Ethnic Equality & Social Inclusion

Homework Question on Racial and Ethnic Equality & Social Inclusion

  • Assignment – Policy Advocacy Essay  Create an action plan that could be used to advocate for a social policy you support.
  • Provide a brief description of the policy (e.g. goal of the policy, description of how the policy addresses the problem, etc.); identify the claims you would use in advocating for the policy; identify the possible allies you would approach in coalition building (e.g. client populations, community based groups, professional associations, etc.);
  1. Describe media plan;
  2. Describe your plan for approaching legislators:
  3. Who would you approach and how would you approach them.
  4. Who will benefit;
  5. Who will be impacted;
  6. Who will implement the bill or policy.
  • Provide a cover page (including name, name of assignment, course name, and date;
  • use 1″ font size, Times New Roman; number all pages including cover page;
  • use APA format. Note: Include how the problem relates to women and how the bill define the policy;

Homework Answer on Racial and Ethnic Equality & Social Inclusion

Racial and Ethnic Equality & Social Inclusion: Action Plan on eradication of poverty and Economic Injustices.


Poverty and economic injustice is a persistent problem affecting many communities and impacts on the quality of life of these communities in a negative way. It is a challenge facing different groups of people from various races, ethnicities, genders and social status; it has especially been an issue to women, the vulnerable like disabled people and minority communities due to fewer social economic opportunities that are available to them (Felice, 2012).

However, there are solutions that can be created to address this problem. An action plan on poverty and economic injustices involving a multi sector coalition is one of the ways that can be utilized to respond to the requirements of coordinated efforts on reduction and prevention of poverty across a wide range of affected communities including those likely to be affected by the issue in the future (Narayan, 2011).

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Objectives of the Action Plan

The action plan objectives in tackling poverty and economic injustices will involve creating policies that are innovative and progressive for the vulnerable individuals and disadvantaged individuals’ in the communities. These include: creating investments that will provide children the best that is possible from an early start, that is, from conception to young adulthood. This will help in reducing inequalities from the earliest stages of life as well as eliminate the link between poor educational achievements, social economic disadvantages and inadequate chances in life resulting from these (Green and Hulme, 2005).