Sample Human Resources Management Thesis Paper Summary on Impact of Globalization on Human Resource Management

Impact of Globalization on Human Resource Management

Globalization in business refers to the integration of cultures, societies and economies in the international context. The concept of globalization has been initiated and maintained through advancements in technology and infrastructure which have made it possible to develop closer and more long lasting relationships among contacts. Business processes and functions in organizations are some of the most affected spheres of life. In the business context, the Human Resources function appears to be most affected by the concept of globalization. Due to expansion of companies into multicultural environments as enabled by globalization, the HRM function has had to engage in employee recruitment and training practices that are aligned with cultural differences.

In addition to this, the training carried out in the international organizations has to involve aspects of cultural tolerance and understanding cultural differences among employees. Organizations are increasingly employing people from different cultural backgrounds leading to need for awareness of differences in the work place (Kramar & Syed, 2012). It is only through this that organizational employees can be made to work together towards common objectives.

In addition to this, cultural differences brought about by globalization in businesses have resulted in the increase in available employment opportunities for employees. As a result, there are high employee turnover rates associated with multinational corporations. This brings about the need to train employees on leadership as well as to ensure the remuneration and work conditions are in line with the international business environment conditions. Moreover, the HRM department has continued to shift practice from the generalized format to more culturally specific practices due to cultural diversity in the work place. The consideration of Hofstede’s cultural values in determining the appropriate organizational cultures also makes it possible for organizations to engage matching HRM practices which enable collaboration between employees of different cultural backgrounds (Claretha, 2014).




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