Sample Human Resources Management Essay on Useful Tips about Sources of Recruitment

Useful Tips about Sources of Recruitment

Internal recruitment is an essential source of recruitment. The internal recruitment process is a motivational process for the recruited workers who are promoted in the process. The process may however result in the de-motivation of the other workers who fail to be promoted during the process. Secondly, the internal recruitment process is also of greater advantage as it is a cheaper process since the recruited employees do not have to be trained as they already fit into the organizational system. They do not have to undergo a process to aid in their socialization again. While the internal recruitment process may be of advantage to the organization, it also poses a challenge due to the limitation of innovation in the organization. On the other hand, the external recruitment process may be more expensive to handle but is capable of resulting in greater innovativeness as new employees bring in new talent. It is however difficult to motivate the already existing employees as some may feel passed over by any promotion event that occurs during the external recruitment (Jayne, 2011).

Additionally, the external recruitment process is also positive as it can result in a free and transparent process, contrary to the internal recruitment process that can be marred with politicking (HRCap Inc, 2008). It is crucial for managers to match the right talent to the vacant positions available. Having the right people in an organization can help to improve its overall performance at all times. It is thus important for managers to use the best methods in order to recruit successfully both internally and externally. Using the most cost optimized procedures under a transparent and highly credible human resources department is thus the greatest step towards effective recruitment practices.


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