Sample Human Resources Management Essay Summary on Succession Planning Strategies to Overcome Challenges

Succession Planning Strategies to Overcome Challenges

Human resources management is an essential aspect of organizational performance management. In the present times, it has been reported that most of the human resources challenges faced by organizations come about as a result of failure to plan for the future. In most cases, organizations perform well in the presence but do not plan about their futures. As employees retire and some leave, it is important for organizations to plan effectively for their replacement. Replacing employees is an aspect that requires informed decision making. Informed succession planning is necessary to avoid disastrous results at the end. Due to the importance of this subject, it is presumable that all firms would have effective succession plans in place. This is however contrary to actual occurrences in the world today. Succession planning requires that organizations begin to prepare replacement employees 2- 3 years before retirement of other employees. Succession planning comprises of three key stages which include identification, developing and retention of employees.

Liebowitz (2000) has a well developed framework for successful development of human resources for the future. The four pillars of the proposed framework include competency management, performance management, knowledge management and change management. Each of these pillars has distinctive roles in the succession planning process. Succession planning strategies should take into consideration all the aspects of the framework. The mobility of the new age workers and the retirees should be considered in strategizing for the future. Succession planning should take into consideration the knowledge, talents, skills, and the expertise of all the employees in the organization. From the beginning, organizations should think about how to capture, share and apply the knowledge that may be suitable for growth. Failure to do this can result in knowledge loss (Aberdeen, 2006).



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