Sample HR Management Report Paper on GOOGLE


Executive summary

Google is a publicly traded company that became prominent in the news media for its exemplary pay practices. This report looks at the history, organizational structure, and performance and compensation practices of Google. Google is one of the exceptional, well organized and pioneer organizations which takes place in the history of innovative management model and has an exemplary pay package which has attracted the attention of the media. As a result, it draws skilled people and great talents across the whole world. It has become a dream company for many people because it instills in its workers the credo that it is not about the money but also other aspects like teamwork and creativity. Other than the salary, the company gives its workers other benefits which include healthcare covers, foods and snacks at the workplace, transportation and other services which are vital at the workplace like WI-FE. Google is one of the primary catalysts in bringing out the innovativeness and creativity and its leaders explicitly attribute the company’s financial performance to its benevolent people practices. The organization structure of the company has made it to be able to effectively attend to the needs of all the workers and clients. Google should promote a strong and strive to be the best by improving on the work environment so as to retain the skilled workers. The company is likely to attract skilled workers and great talents due to its good pay packages and thus would maintain its position as the best company to work for in the whole world.


Google has been trending in the news and has become one of the prominent companies. Google retains its place at the top of the list for its talented and highly compensated workers due to the policies that the company has been implementing in the past few years. The company has the best salary structure for its employees which are coupled with bonuses. Google is a company that is known for providing plenty of benefits for its workers and thus influencing a lot of people to desire working with them because of its exemplary pay packages. Google provides good health care services to its workers by necessitating virtual doctor visits and other services that are aimed at improving the health of its workers at its headquarters and other places across the globe. Google also provides 500 dollars in “bonding bucks” to all new parents to use during the first three months of their child’s life (Moskowitz, Levering, Bartulski, Frauenheim, Gupta, Hackett and Shanker 2015, 142). Google’s culture and work environment that is provided by the management makes employees feel valued. The company is famous for providing almost all it can to try and keep its workers happy, including free food, play areas and equipment, flexible working hours and freedom to work on pet projects meals for instance, coffee, snacks and other types of foodstuffs provided at the promises of the company. This makes employees to be energized and thus maximum production (Levering, Bartulski, Chew, Frauenheim, Groden, Markowitz, and Russell 2016, 145). This report looks at Google as a company that has become noticeable and has been trending in the news for the best pay practices to its workers. The services that are provided by the company have made the Google to be one of the best companies to work for because it is seen as caring for the needs of its workers.

Background information

Google was created in 1998 as a search Engine and has become one of the most successful internet based companies in the whole world because of the good working environment it provides to its workers. When Google entered the online search market, Yahoo was the market leader and in a short time span, Google has become the best search engine beating other players in the market like yahoo which used to enjoy. The success of Google is based on its great organizational practices which have been necessitated by the management and all the workers. Through innovations, the firm has expanded its services and features, for example, the company first started as a general search engine that people could use on a daily basis to look up and find whatever information quickly. The company is one of the exceptional, well organized and pioneer organizations, which takes place in the history of innovative management model and has an exemplary pay package which has attracted the attention of the media. Google has expanded into much more than just a search engine in the less than twenty years that it has been in operation thanks to the strategies that were put in place by the management. Many people use Google inspired technology every day without using their search engines because it is one of the rapidly expanding companies in the 21st century and it is inspiring our lives. The company has the ability to create huge dossiers of personal information about its individual users (Delichatsios, S. and  Sonuyi, 2005).

 Google has expanded greatly in the last fifteen years and will continue on until they take over most of the technological industry. The benefits that come along in the company for the workers makes it to attract the best talents in the world and get people with the best skills to boost their human resource. Google is one of the primary catalysts in bringing out the innovativeness and creativity and its leaders explicitly attribute the company’s financial performance to its benevolent people practices. “Unvested equity of the company encourages retention, and policies that encourage retention may have an indirect effect on performance” (Cowgill, and Zitzewitz 2009, 4). The company has managed to retain people with the best expertise because of their exemplary pay packages.

Google has opened expansive opportunities to each and every user around the world from its inception and brought a new life on various internet-related products and services.“There are three components of the culture of the company that create a virtuous cycle of attraction, community, engagement, and innovation” (When Was Google 2014, 2). The culture of Google from its establishment is premised on the welfare of the workers which has been achieved by providing a good working environment for its staff. The company has remained to be one of the best firms to work for because of its good pay packages and has been trending in both social media and the main stream media because of its exemplary pay practices. The company has integrated with the global economy whereby workplace practices reflect the new thinking that is taking place among managers on how to improve productivity, while simultaneously keeping its employees happy and reducing attrition (Jayakumar 2016, 141).

Google uses good pay packages and other benefits to motivate workers so as to increase their productivity and thus have a positive impact on the growth of the company. For many years, managers are more concerned on employees’ performance in terms of productivity and efficiency for the reason that it affects an organization as a whole. One of the ways to provide motivation is through the application of reinforcement theory in which it is alleged that workers put in more effort when they are motivated by both monetary and non-monetary items. Salary is one of the basic motivations and an effective way of motivating staffs to perform better in organizations. Employees are encouraged to perform to their level be stand make use of best strategies for maximum production. Google ranked first in Fortune as the best organization to work for and is well-known for its benefits for the works and the conducive working environment that is provided for the effective delivery of services. Google offers a variety of benefits to its workers, for instance, complimentary food from cafeteria, childcare feature, healthcare, laundry services, shuttle bus, sports facilities, and a number of holidays without forgetting lessons for foreign languages. “When employees are rewarded for their performances, they will most likely uphold their good behavior and perform better and therefore, monetary rewards reinforce the work behavior of workers in a positive way” (Wei, and Yazdanifard 2014, 10).

Identification of key issues

Google has been trending in the news for its exemplary pay structures for many years and the best working environment that it provides to its employees. Google specializes in internet search technology and since the startup of the company; it has grown to become the best companies in both service delivery and remuneration of its workers. Google has taken the top position for companies which compensate its workers accordingly and also provides other benefits. Google has become a dream company for a lot of people and thus it has attracted the best workers in the world and managed to retain them for a very long time. The company instills in its workers the idea that it is not about the money, but also other aspects like creativity and that is why the company allows its engineers to use part of their time at the workplace carrying out their own projects. Google employees feel proud to be part of such a venture and they take immense pleasure in being part of the brand that has had great impacts on the lives of many people in the world. Good pay packages are perhaps the most powerful potential motivator of performance. In order to motivate, pay must be noticeably contingent on performance.“High-performing employees appear to be sensitive to whether their higher performance is rewarded with above-average pay increases, while low performers prefer low contingency pay systems” .The lifestyle that the organization exposes the workers to many things and enables them to put in more effort in their work. The good environment also encourages innovation and creativity and thus making the company to come up with novel ideas that are used to find solutions to the existing problems.

Analysis and evaluation

 The company provides its workers with many good remuneration and many other benefits that include programs which give their workers the opportunity to grow and increase their skills. Some of the benefits that the company provides to its workers that have made it to stand tall out of the rest include; Free food- the company offers free gourmet meals to all its workers at the company premises and thus keeping their workers energized all the time thereby maximizing performance. The rule of the company is that no member of staff should ever be far away than one hundred feet from a source of food and this has made the workers of the company to put in more effort because of the motivation created by the company. The provision of snacks, other foods and drinks at the work place keeps the workers refreshed and makes them avoid movement of in search for foods outside the premises of the company. This helps the workers to use most of their time at the company executing various projects thus maximizing the output.  Increased motivation among the workers in the firm has led to a rise in their production thus increasing the profit levels that the company achieves. The good pay that the workers of the company get has increased their motivation thus increasing their productivity which in turn leads to the continued expansion of the company. The staff that work here are the most motivated workers in the whole world because of the strategies that the company has put in place to ensure a good working environment for its workers.

            Onsite childcare facilities- the company offers child care service and healthcare facilities that are provided by the company to its workers to ensure that they are in good health so that they can effectively carry out their duties thus resulting in maximum production. In addition, the company subscribes to a philosophy of preventative care which ensures that all its workers are prevented from various work related problems by providing a good working environment. Employees have different needs at different points in their lifecycle, and the company takes a holistic, integrated approach on the healthcare needs of its workers. This has had the added benefit of keeping overall healthcare costs at the company far lower than the industry average. Transportation Services- the company has shuttle services which have internet connection thus enabling its workers to get to work on time. These transport services ensure that workers get to their respective places of work on time thus avoiding the unnecessary delays that may have negative impacts on the productivity of the company. Many workers look up to waking up and going to work as early as possible because of the benefits that come with working for the company and the best work environment that Google provides.

Sport Facilities- the company has numerous facilities for sports and thus workers can work out in the gym and therefore remain physically fit which is a necessity for maximum production. Sport facilities that are found at the premises of the company make the workers to re-energize themselves whenever they feel bored or during their leisure times. Google allows its workers to bring their pets to work provided they take care and prevent them from causing disturbance to other workers. The pets also help most of the workers to kill boredom and counteract the feeling of missing the pet which could affect service delivery. The company gives its engineers an opportunity to spend 20% of their time at their place of work on projects that interest them thus giving the engineer sample time to do what they love most and thus improving their perfection in certain aspects of their lives. Gmail, Google News and AdSense were all started as individual projects but they have grown to be big public traded companies because of their good pay packages and the conducive environment they provide to their workers. The company is very enthusiastic about environmental conservation and takes parts in activities that protect the environment. Google uses pay ratios relative to disclose information voluntarily, as a means of garnering favorable consumer perceptions (Mohan, Norton, and Deshpande 2015, 32).Google subsidizes employees who buy cars and other households and offers them other opportunities like insurance covers for the installations.


The management of goggle should enhance a two-way communication; they can achieve this by ensuring that the workers are given all the resources that are needed to effectively perform their duties. Good working conditions and salary packages will ensure that workers are motivated and thus they will put in more effort. The company should continue offering the services to its workers so as to encourage them to put in more determination in their work. As it is evident from the current pay package of the organization, it is so far the best in the whole world and this makes many skilled and talented workers to desire to be associated with the company in one way or another. Google has a competitive advantage over other companies because of its exemplary pay packages which have been trending in the news that have made skilled and talented people to want to work for the company. The organization would eventually get the best employees in the whole world because it would get applications from the best talents who would want to showcase their skills and talents once employed.

The company should keep up with its exemplary pay packages and strive to improve in some areas based on the complaints and recommendation of the workers. Google should promote a strong relationship between its employees and strive to be the best by improving on the working environment so as to retain the skilled employees and attract more talents in the whole world. “A firm that builds a culture of mutual respect by keeping success stories and providing employees with good remuneration and services not only encourages the workers in the firm but also makes those talented people outside the company to want to join thus attracting the best skills (Markos, and Sridevi2010, 89). The management should be careful in recruiting new people so as to get the best skills and talents in the competitive market, this will ensure that the company stands out among the rest and remains as one of the best companies in the universe. New workers should be given both general orientations which is related to the company mission and other aspects of the firm so as to familiarize themselves with the operation of the company. Google should also come up with a program of rewarding the best performing employees in a monthly basis so as to challenge the rest of the workers to put in more effort and thus increase the profits of the company. Rewarding workers not only motivates those who are rewarded but also acts as a challenge to the rest who are made to put in more effort so as to get the rewards.


Google remains the most sought-after workplace in the world and sits atop Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For and fields more than 1 million job applications every year (Tkaczyk 2014, 103).The company attracts the best talents and people with unique skills because of their good compensation packages which have made it to remain on the list of the best companies in the whole world. The workers of Google also enjoy other benefits, for instance, transportation to their places of work, health care facilities and good meals at the work place. This acts as a motivation to the employees of Google and thus maximum production is achieved because the rewards and other benefits, for instance, verbal encouragement, and empowerment help workers at the company to feel satisfied when their work is recognized and their hard work is paid off.  Google has succeeded due to specific reasons; one of the most crucial one is its strong organizational culture which provides for good pay packages to its employees and other benefits like transportation and healthcare services. The unique environment that the company provides to its employees has made it to be one of the most sought companies because everybody desires to work for Google. The culture of the company makes workers feel they are valued and respected and thus its employees claim that they work for the best company in the world which is satisfying to both the consumers and the management.



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