Sample HR Management Paper on Performance Management Analysis

Throughout the course, you have explored the importance of effective performance management, the components of effective performance management systems, the relationship of performance management to the organization’s strategic planning process, and the complexities involved in designing and implementing performance management processes.

For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to conduct a performance management analysis and make recommendations to document and improve individual, team, and organizational performance based on the information presented in the ValUShop Case Study Download ValUShop Case Study.

ValUShop is a for-profit cable, satellite, and broadcast television network. The case study examines the performance management issues at ValUShop.

In your Performance Management Analysis Paper,

Analyze the current performance management system.

Evaluate why it is important to understand this information when making recommendations for improvements to the existing performance management system.

Explain the performance management system issues that resulted in performance problems.

Analyze key stakeholders that could serve as key partners in an improved performance management process.

Evaluate solutions to improve the performance of individuals, groups, and the organization. (This should include, but not be limited to goal setting, performance measures, communication plan, feedback loop, and training program for raters.)

Evaluate the relationship between the current performance management system and the organization’s strategic goals.

Develop a strategy for achieving objectives of the performance management system to ensure that human resource supports the organizations goals. (Your strategy might include mentoring, executive coaching, training, performance evaluation, and/or leadership development.)

Evaluate regulatory, legal, and ethical issues that need to be considered when administering a performance management plan.


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