Sample Hr Management Paper On Logical Reasoning

Homework Question on Logical Reasoning.

Does one have an obligation to report wrong doing by one’s employer? Even when doing so will result in the loss of one’s job? Are whistle blower laws effective and necessary?

  • APA Format at least 150 words for each totaling 550 words.
  • I need 4 different entries meaning Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Assignment 3, and Assignment 4.
  • 150 words each for assignment 1-3
  • 100 words for assignment 4.
  • The different entries should be titled with the different assignments meaning assignment 1, assignment 2, assignment 3, and assignment 4.
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Homework Answer on Logical Reasoning

Assignment 1

The tentative conclusion for this question is; ‘one has an obligation to report any wrongdoing by one’s employer.’ This tentative conclusion forms the main argument to start the main logic process. This main argument is chosen to connote the overall suggestion that is to be disputed through the arguments postulated by the following premises. It is the argument proposed in the premise; that we would ascertain whether the tentative conclusion is valid or not (Soiferman, 2010).

For the tentative conclusion to be correct, it must be supported by the two premises. It means that the following premises must be true making the conclusion valid. Therefore, the validity of the conclusion is pegged on the two propositions discussed in assignment two and three. We can, therefore, say that the fact that it is an obligation for one to report to his employer any wrongdoing is only valid if the subsequent premises on the statement also support it (Lassiter, & Goodman, 2015).

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Assignment 2

Premise 1: Reporting a wrongdoer to the employer leads to loss of jobs.

The premise one is based on the fact that the reporting of a wrongful doing will result in a job loss.  It is a fact that when an employee in an organization is found to be doing a wrong thing that is against the policies of the company, then they will be sent home (Soiferman, 2010). In this prospect, the job loss will be caused by the act of whistle blowing.