Sample HR Management Paper on Human Resources in a Unionized Organization

Human Resources in a Unionized Organization

The Human Resources (HR) department is the cornerstone of any unionized organization. HR is responsible for the development, implementation, and enforcement of many aspects of the union. Some of the aspects include day-to-day operation all the way to providing feedback in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which is an agreement between the union members and the organization. The CBA includes everything from the scope of work to pay considerations. Although HR does not technically write the CBA (this is left to lawyers), they play an integral role as their insight and expertise are highly relied upon. HR is also tasked with proposing and introducing the CBA to the employees. With the responsibilities of operating a unionized organization comes challenges. Challenges include personnel management, disputes, negotiations, and more. These challenges are not unique to unions as all organizations have disputes and negotiation issues but operating under a CBA is unique to a union.

This week, you will study the role of HR in a unionized organization. You will study not only the role of HR but also their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, etc. The role of HR is vast and needs to be explored thoroughly.


For this assignment, you will describe the purpose and importance of the Human Resources department within a unionized organization. There are many benefits and challenges to working in a unionized HR office. Some of the benefits include guaranteed working conditions, while challenges include a difficult promotion structure. It is important to recognize both the benefits and challenges in order to effectively administrate in a unionized HR office.

Create a tri-fold brochure for HR representatives that are new to a union. Within this brochure, be sure to address the following:

  • Explain the benefits of working in a unionized organization and, specifically, a unionized HR department.
  • Determine three main challenges HR may face in a unionized organization.
  • Recommend potential solutions and best practices to address these challenges.
  • Include other information new representatives may need to know about unions.
  • Be creative and make your brochure visually appealing

Length: One tri-fold brochure. Include your references within the document or in a separate Word file.

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly references.

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards.