Sample HR Management Paper On Diversity Goals

Homework Question on Diversity Goals

  • Read “The ‘ICE’ Strategy” on Human Resource Management (pp. 8–9) of the PDF in Aetna:Investing In Diversity Case
  • Also review Exhibits 6 and 7 on pp. 22–23 of the case study to see the link between Aetna’s strategic focus and the diversity outcomes that can result.
  • From Exhibit 7, select one of the eight strategic focuses and one of the 10 diversity implications that you feel relates to that focus.<br /> <br />
  1. Discuss the relationship between the two and describe three specific actions Aetna could take to accomplish the diversity implication. Include at least one citation and reference

        Homework Answer on Diversity Goals

For the strategic focus I chose “enhance our diverse, high-performance culture and workforce” and for diversity implication I chose “build a workforce that understands the racial/ethnic, gender, sexual orientation and generational diversity of the marketplace” (Cascio, 2009). The connection between the two subjects is that they both promote diversity and its benefits. That is, while the strategic focus that I have chosen focuses on enhancing a diversified workforce and performance, the diversity implication, on the other hand, focuses on ensuring that diversity is promoted among employees.

In terms of achieving the diversity implication, the Aetna can realize it if it does the following. The first step is to recruit employees that come from different backgrounds, races and ethnic groups so that its workforce can be diversified. Second, after attracting a diversified workforce, the Aetna should ensure that its employees understand the importance of such a workforce (Mor-Barak, 2011).

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This means that as it has been doing, the company should publish its diversity reports regularly. At the same time, the company should ensure that its new employees understand the diversity strategy and embrace it as soon as they join the workforce. Third, the company should publish diversity articles on its website and intranet regularly and ensure that its employees read them and possibly give their responses. Furthermore, Aetna should publish continuously the progress made in enhancing the diversity strategy.