Sample HR Management Paper on Applied learning and development

You should produce a 1,000-word only (+/– 10%) which will be assessed against the following areas:

1. Critically evaluate a range of learning and instructional design theories and principles and apply them to select and justify appropriate learning and development methods and delivery channels with the engagement and support of other professionals and managers.

2. Critically assess the potential and appropriateness of a range of learning and development strategies, policies and methods with reference to relevant contextual factors.

Assignment topic: How I will apply this module to me and my learning
Select and critically review a learning theory pointing out the benefits and shortfalls in applying it to your organization or an organization you know well.

Use this model to show:
• What are the strengths and shortfalls of the theory?
• How you will apply this learning theory to your organization.

You are required to:
• Include reference to relevant learning and development
• Demonstrate a critical analysis of academic perspectives to identify appropriate actions
• Identify and justify your conclusions
• Identify at least three SMART priorities/recommendations for action