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  • In this discussion I want you the writer to almost write 2 paragraphs and each of them consists of 4 complete sentences. However, as long I have been with you the writer (K97189) for the whole semester writing to me discussions for this course (HRD 4409 (Professional Readings & Writing in Human Resource Development).
  • Now, the final discussion that you will have to write. the requirements are: In this course HRD 4409 (Professional Readings & Writing in Human Resource Development) we have spent a lot of time looking at the issue of importance to each of us, as it relates to our industry or an apsiring industry.
  1. As I think may agree, the workplace often doesn’t provide us much time to do this during our regularly scheduled workday. How has spending this time in this course been beneficial to you as professional, and as a person?

Homework Answer on Value of Currency

Professional Readings and Writing in Human Resource Development is a complete course, which is widely recognized as an industrial standard measure for evaluating human resource competencies in ensuring economic and social growth. Spending time in human Resource and Writing in Human Resource Development has numerous advantages. Essentially, the course offers the knowledge to understand both the affiliate and the social components of human resource management as a method of testing and certifying services in workplaces.

This means that with the completion of HRD, a person is able to obtain specific human resource work and illustrate proper mastery of managerial roles. The person is also able to work with people from different regions across the world irrespective of the wide variations in culture and ethical practices as well as understanding the practical approaches of combining human resource and physical resources in completing every assigned task.

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As a person, the course is an integral approach towards understanding the challenges involved in management, and how best an individual can come out of such challenges, especially when dealing with a large number of staff members with opposing ideas. In other words, the course becomes a transformational tool in the whole life of a person, equips an individual with the necessary skills for emotional control, and acts as a platform for personal evaluation based on ability to manage and interact with people across diversities.