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Homework Question on Two United States Companies

  • Censorship, enforced written and unwritten laws, red tape and language hurdles not to mention having and keeping the rights to your own patents and products.
  1. Give examples of 2 U.S companies who may have faced some or all of these issues.
  2. Give examples of 2 U.S companies whose global ventures have gone smoothly.
  3. To what do you attribute these negative and positive results? Country? Multi-national company (MNC) preparedness? Luck of the draw?
  4. Support your answers with appropriate theory. Provide background on a successful joint venture in one of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

Homework Answer on Two United States Companies

Enforced written and unwritten laws by Rural Telephone Services Company Inc in the 1990s represent one of the infringements into patent rights. This was against the requirements by Rural Telephone Services Company Inc., which required the telephone companies to agree and license their data with it. However, the Fiest publication did not register; it copied rural telephone numbers without the enterprise’s authority, which led to a court suit.

The court ruled in favor of Fiest publication since Rural Telephone Service Company Inc had not applied creativity in outlining the alphabetical listing of subscribers (Gao & University of Ottawa, 2013). Keeping the rights to your own patents and products is one of the tough exercises that a company undertakes to protect its business (Lever, 2012). Alexander Graham Bell was actually compelled to sue people who tried to copy his invention.

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One of the United States companies that have grown as global ventures is Boeing – an airline company that has customers in 145 countries. This growth is attributed to the competition in the airline business. In Brazil, the company has experienced political good will; due to the huge customer base, it has been able to expand very fast. Another company that has thrived in its global venture is Mercedes Benz, which is based in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The company has been engaging new ideas and new technology in the production of its M-class sport vehicles