Sample HR Management Essays On The Right to Form a Union

Homework Question on The Right to Form a Union

  1. Research and read the following topic: ” Students players and the right to form a union”. google any key word from the topic.
  2. Write a one- page single- space paper in the followoing format: 1. An introduction: Explain what the topic is about. 2. Do you agree with the regional NLRB? Defend your position

Homework Answer on The Right to Form a 

It is a common trend for workers in organizations to group together and form a union to represent them in different forums. These unions enhance workers’ unity and enable them to have a single voice of representation. They are very essential when workers are bargaining with their employers and also when fighting for their rights. Though formed for varied reasons, the unions can be found in different organizations: public and private. However, there have been discussions on whether college players should be allowed to form such unions. Are college players workers, or are they students? This case study explores the topic “Students players and the right to form a union”.

The right for college players to form a union has been a common discussion for a very long time. Firstly, when students are being admitted to colleges, it is expected that their aim of joining is to pursue academic goals for them to be able to join different professions. But in the colleges the curriculum has provisions for games. Those students who are talented in different games start actively participating and competing for their college, which is always a big boost to the college or university.

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Since the students are supposed to spend much of their time reading as compared to playing, the students get scholarships in return to pay for their education but are not paid. The argument being, they are students and not workers.Considering all the characteristics of a worker, the college players can be seen as workers and not students. They spend a lot of time practicing and competing for their universities just like the other staff in the university.