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Homework Question on Recruitment Plan

  1. Create a Recruitment Plan for a restaurant: Include a SWOT analysis, EEO statement, a job description and guidelines for the selection process. Once this Plan is complete, you should be able to submit it to an organization for implementation.
  2. Create a hiring guideline. Be sure to include stages, six examination methods, what type of questions are illegal to ask. Then explain how the administrative selection philosophies have varied over time.

        Homework Answer on Recruitment Plan

Human resource management is an important function in organizations as it helps in managing employees. It plays a critical role in the recruitment and selection process in order to ascertain that only qualified individuals are recruited into the organization, within certain set policies and procedures. Human resource management is defined as the management function involved in the recruitment, selection and the overall development of employees in an organization (Aswathappa, 2005).

The human resource function cuts across in various sectors, from educational, industrial and tourism so as to ensure that the best and qualified candidates for a particular job are hired. However, there is the need to develop a recruitment plan to assist in the overall process. A recruitment plan is defined as the process of estimating the total number of people to be hired during a particular time. The plan tends to bring about competitive advantages by following a systematic procedure in order to ensure that the best candidates are hired. The plan consists of various steps that establish certain specifications and rules in hiring during the hiring process.

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The recruitment plan:

The recruitment plan ensures that the restaurant has an optimum number of employees with the required skills that can make the organization achieve its objectives (Campton et al, 2009). The restaurant will need aggressive staff members into the various departments of the company. They will need to have excellent service skills and customer etiquette in order to uphold the integrity and culture in the restaurant.