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Homework Question on Poverty Simulator

Poverty Simulator Assignment

Due: at the end of Unit 2 by Sunday at 11:59 PM (EST).


✓ Use APA style in-text citations and references.

✓ Use complete sentences with proper grammar and punctuation.

✓ Clearly answer the questions in detail. Support your answer with material from the course textbook.

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Instructions: Poverty Simulator from National Public Radio: i ve-438-weeks

There are many misconceptions regarding people who need human services assistance. Take a few minutes to complete the poverty simulator  linked below and in at least 1 page (typed and double spaced), completely answer the folIowing questions, i n your own words, in a way that shows an understanding of some of the factors that affect poverty:

1.) After completing the poverty simulator, were you able to save any money by the end of the month? Be specific in describing where your monthly income went. How does this effect your impression of those who need human services? Based on what you’ve read in the textbook what types of human services assistance might help someone i n this situation? Make sure to reference the course textbook in your answer.

2.) How would a person struggling with poverty be treated in the middle ages; the Elizabethan era and early colonial America? I n your own words, address each ti me period. Make sure to reference the course readings and resources i n your answer with A PA style i n-text citations

Homework Answer on Poverty Simulator

After completing the poverty simulator, I was not able to save any money by the end of the month. The monthly income went into public transportation, dining out five times per week per meal for a month at $7 per meal per person, paying a mortgage for the month, Opt-inning for health care insurance, taking online classes at a for-profit college, paying electricity bills, paying credit card bills and buying clothes.

I was not able to buy gas, drive myself and the kids to work, to purchase enough grocery to feed my family for a month and paying my rent. For the beginning, the monthly income was $1,900.00 with $ -577.96 left after all the expenses. This affects my impression of those who need human service. Doing work closely with clients, the service worker identifies the problem and creates a plan for the service that would help the client solve the problem.

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There are different human service assistance types that would help some people in the situations as interdisciplinary knowledge bases, focus on the prevention and problem remediation, and maintenance of commitments to improve the overall qualities of life of population services (Marketplace, 2012).