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Homework Question on Management and Leadership

  1. Reflect on a change that you have witnessed with the company AT&T or experienced in the organization. Indicate which of the six images of managing change were exhibited by your manager. Provide the rationale for your selection.
  2. Compare and contrast management versus leadership, and present an argument for which is more valuable to an organization that is in the midst of a significant change.
  3. Use the Internet to research articles in business publications on organizations going through change. Next, select an organization that was discussed in one of the articles. Present its rationale for change, identify the environmental pressures the company was or is facing, and explain how the company addressed those pressures.
  4. Describe at least two organizational pressures faced by the organization and explain how those pressures may have impacted the change process.

Homework Answer on Management and Leadership

In March 2014, AT&T revised its 2GB price by cutting $15 from the monthly plan. The move was in response to rate changes by rivals Sprint and T-Mobile. Management reduced the value to guarantee that the corporation remained competitive. In doing so, the management was acting as a nurturer, whereby it realized that a slight decrease in price by competitors would affect profitability as subscribers switched network providers.

Since the market encompasses primarily three competitors, a slight decrease in price by any one of them causes a shift in consumer loyalty. A manager acting as a nurturer reacts to unintended change and acts strategically to evade any adverse effects to the company from external shocks. AT&T has a broad market base but operates in a volatile market where customer loyalty cannot be ascertained. Most times, therefore, management makes decisions that are reactive to external forces, as was the case with the price reduction.

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Leadership and management have closely related functions and are complementary to each other, but have significant differences. While management is bent on tactical and organizational focus, formulation of policies, and has a short-term perspective, leadership is strategic, principle-oriented, and has a long-term focus. Managers are also focused on doing things the right way while leaders desire to do the right things. An organization undergoing significant change should rely more on leadership.