Sample HR Management Essays On Human Resource

Homework Question on Human Resource

  • Choose a specific job title (one that you are familiar with or one that you may want to hold in the future).
  • Research the job through the online job posting sites (indeed, monster, career builder, etc.) and write a job description and a job specification for this job. I DO NOT want you to simply copy and paste the information from the job site – although you can use it as an example.
  • I want you to create your own (add/subtract/or edit) from the job site to fit a specific company (please name the company) and to fit today’s work force. Also include any type of testing you would require for this position if you were the hr department for the hiring company.
  1. Explain the reasons for the testing OR if you don’t think testing is required
  2. Explain why. Also explain what type(s) of reference checking you would do and
  3. Explain the purpose or reason for this type of checking.

Homework Answer on Human Resource

Job Description

Position: Operations Manager

Division: Central Admission

Reports to: Executive Director

Job summary

The operations manager will be responsible for managing the organization’s human resource, help in drafting the organizational budget, data entry, serving as the management team, reviewing financial statements, and coordinating activities in the production, pricing, sales and distribution of products departments among other miscellaneous tasks.

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Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Human Resource- establishes the organizational structure, delegation of tasks and responsibilities. To evaluate and monitor the progress of members of staff.
  2. Coordination and supervision- the operation manager should harmonize the workings of distinct departments and control their operations.
  3. Organizational effectiveness- coordinates with the external environment to provide consultation services on outsourcing funds, insurance issues, and creating a strategic plan for the organization.