Sample HR Management Essays On Career Opportunities

Homework Question on Career Opportunities

  1. Using, spend some time doing career searches in”training,” “training and development,” “instructional technology,” “organizational development,” “performance improvement,” etc.
  2. Did you find anything of interest to you? Anything local? See any trends among the different search terms?
  • Please make sure that you write 2 paragraphs, each paragraph consists of 4 sentences.

Homework Answer on Career Opportunities

One of the websites that prospective candidates can utilize in searching for their dream jobs and their locations, in addition to posting their resume directly is The site offers a detailed description of the job, qualifications, a brief description of the company offering the job, as well as the opportunity to search other websites on career tips, such as training solutions, and performance improvement. What interests me is the Program Supervisor job in Pocatello, ID., which is my local area, in the field of training and development.

The Embassy Group of Companies is offering this job on behalf of Aspire Human Services, where the candidate is expected to maintain responsibility for the agency administration, coordinate day-to-day activities in the agency, as well as conducting fiscal operation in the community. Aspire Human Services caters for adults and children who suffer from physical and intellectual disabilities, and it is my inspiration to work in such organizations that accommodate people with various disabilities in the community.

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This job is in my locality and requires somebody who is qualified in rehabilitation, psychology, social work, or any other related field, and one year of experience in developmental disabilities and supervisory work in any field. All classes of unemployed individuals have the same goal after finishing their course, and that goal is to search for their next jobs (Hadick, 2013). The trend is that all jobs offered in the site have a description, position summary, education and experience, and brief description of the company offering the job, thus, giving the potential candidates the chance to evaluate their qualifications before applying for the jobs.