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Homework Question on Attracting Talent

  1. At least 4 external factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attracting talent,
  2. A description of at least 3 internal factors that affect an organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection
  • External factors will include things like: Labour Law (e.g. Emiratization),Scarcity of the skill you are recruiting (perhaps necessitating overseas recruitment), Labour market (is the economy booming or in recession),Competition (are other companies offering better terms & conditions), Anti-Discrimination laws (if you are recruiting in UK, USA or Europe – which prevent you from recruiting and selecting based on gender, nationality, age, disability, etc), the Country you are recruiting in (Dubai – tax free & safe vs Myanmar – under-developed country; – maybe you will have to offer additional benefits and work harder to sell the opportunity if the Country is not an attractive place to live), Technology (e.g. Skype interviews – reduces cost of recruitment and can also speed up the process), Sources of labour supply (for low skill/low paying jobs you will need to consider recruiting in different labour markets like India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc) Internal factors will include things like: Employer brand, Recruitment policy (do you favour internal promotion vs external – maybe this will mean you will recruit graduates and train them up),

Homework Answer on Attracting Talent

External Factors

An organization’s approach to attracting employees with exceptional talent depends on both internal and external factors. External factors are factors that are beyond the control of an organization but affect directly the recruitment process. External factors include technology, sources of labor supply, competition, labor laws, and the labor market among others. Technology is a crucial factor that dictates the type of approach an organization will attract employees endowed with outstanding talents.

For instance, availability of technology may augment the speed of recruitment as well as significantly reduce the recruitment cost. The availability of a large source of labor supply make it possible to absorb exemplary talents at a lower cost by comparing potential employees available from different labor markets. Additionally, the scarcity of labor with the required skills in a certain area may significantly affect the approach that an organization will embrace in a bid to recruit personnel with the required skills.

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In such a scenario, an organization will be forced to go beyond borders, recruit employees with the required skills from overseas for the sake of ensuring the organization’s survival, and increase its competitive edge. Competition is another critical factor to consider before employing an effective recruitment approach. It requires a firm to consider the terms and conditions of rival firms to be able to develop effective terms and conditions that attract employees with good talents that enhance the firm’s ability to improve its competitive advantage over others.