Sample HR Management Essays On 360 Degrees Appraisal

Homework Question on 360 Degrees Appraisal

  1. What advantages might 360-degree feedback have over traditional performance appraisal systems?
  2. What are the disadvantages?

Homework Answer on 360 Degrees Appraisal

The ability of employees to execute their duties efficiently in an organization is one of the primary success factors. To determine the performance of the workforce, it is important for an institution to carry out performance appraisal. Companies may opt for either 360 degrees or the traditional appraisal methods. The difference between the two methods of appraisal is mainly linked to the nature of the parties that evaluate employees. While the traditional method involves only the managers in the valuation, 360 degrees involves more parties including peers (Maylett & DecisionWise, 2009).

One of the advantages of the 360 degrees method over the traditional one is the objectivity of the feedback obtained because the numbers of respondents in the evaluation are more. The traditional method may be subjective because the evaluation is carried out by the managers only.Using the objective feedback from the appraisal, the managers can make sound decisions on the training needs that the workforce demand.  In the 306 degrees appraisal, the employees get to know how others perceive them but with the traditional appraisal, they only understand the manager’s perception.

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Understanding how employees are perceived by others helps them in changing their relations or behavior in the workplace, which may improve their performance.However, carrying out 360 degrees appraisal may yield less attractive results compared to the traditional appraisal methods. Obtaining honest opinions on the appraisal may not be easy, especially if there are strained work relations between the employee and his/her colleagues (DeNisi & Pritchard, 2006). In the traditional appraisal method, the managers have a clear opinion on the employees.