Sample HR Management Essay Paper on Staffing Strategies

Staffing Strategies

Staffing plays an integral part in the success and survival of any business by enhancing the provision of quality service and commodity that satisfy customer needs. As such, workers are regarded as an essential asset in promoting and achieving business objectives (Ekwoaba, Ikeije & Ufoma, 2015). Various factors determine the form taken by the company during the recruitment ranging from the company’s market position to the internal culture of the organization. Firms can integrate different types of staffing strategies to help advance their competitive edge and reduce the degree of impact of the workforce approaching retirement age.

Staffing Strategies

Academic Staffing

In this type of staffing, organizations recruit individuals immediately from college programs and advance their skills through in-house training. This mode of recruitment incorporates a development kind of approach to increase the company’s performance (Tishman, Van & Bruyère, 2012). Notably, workers acquired through this form of employment usually stay with the organization throughout their entire career advancing to different levels based on their level of expertise. Therefore, the firm is able to minimize the level of impact posed by employees approaching the retirement age through mentorship of the junior workers.

Baseball Team Staffing

The baseball team staffing strategy is based on innovation and personal performance of the employee. However, to enhance its effectiveness, the company needs to have the adequate finance to provide big rewards to the staffs for the business success (Tishman, Van & Bruyère, 2012). This staffing model incorporates regular recruitment of high-performing personnel thereby, can help reduce the effect of employees approaching retirement age.


Staffs are important assets in every organization as they help in enhancing a company’s competitive edge through quality service delivery. Therefore, effective staffing strategy can determine the business market position and sustainability. Different forms of staffing can be used by firms to minimize the level of impact brought by employees approaching the retirement age such as academic and baseball team staffing.


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